INDIA – Attacked hospital accused of conversion in India

UCA News | March 5, 2020

Police have arrested an employee of a Catholic hospital and slapped conversion charges on a Catholic nun for allegedly hurting religious sentiments of Hindus in southern India’s Karnataka state.

The charges came after Hindu activists barged into Sanjo Hospital in Mandya district and beat up its public relations officer Solomon George, Father Josekutty Kalayil of the hospital said.

George and hospital administer Sister Nirmal Jose were accused of denigrating Hindu gods and attempting to convert Hindus, Father Kalayil told UCA News on March 4.

George was granted bail on March 3, two days after he was arrested, but the case continues in court, said the priest, who is helping the hospital deal with the case.

Father Kalayil said the case started with an elderly man being admitted to the hospital with a complaint of high blood pressure on March 1. The next day, he sought to leave the hospital against medical advice.

“He saw a Bible in his room and asked about it when George visited him as part of routine work. George explained about the Bible, and said he could read it if interested, and left the room,” the priest explained.

“The man immediately summoned his son, a member of a Hindu group. He came in with some 20 people and began to accuse the hospital of conversion.”

More people joined them later and they began to attack George.

Police were called and but they charged George and the hospital administrator of conversion and hurting religious sentiments following the complaints of Hindus.

George was arrested and taken to jail.