INDIA – Five Christians in Northeast India Beaten After Refusing to Recant Christian Faith

International Christian Concern | Nov. 6, 2019

Last Friday, November 1, five Christians from India’s Odisha state were beaten mercilessly with bamboo rods after they refused to recant their Christian faith. All five victims were recent converts to Christianity from Tekaguda-B, located in the Kalimela block of the Malkangiri district.

According to local reports, the five Christians were taken from their homes by a mob of angry Hindu villagers at around 4:00 a.m. on November 1. The Christians were then told that they must “return” to Hinduism and recant their Christian faith. According to locals, the Christians were even threatened with death if they refused.

Despite these threats, the five Christians refused to deny their new found faith. In response, the new believers were severely beaten by members of the mob wielding bamboo rods.

We were beaten very badly with sticks by the villagers because we accepted Christ,” one of the victims told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Earlier we were also threatened and persecuted in 2017, but the issue was resolved peacefully.