IRAN – Educational challenge for children of converts

Middle East Concern | Sept. 25, 2019

Friends of Yousef Nadarkhani – a pastor previously sentenced to death for apostasy and presently in Evin prison due to his Christian faith – and his wife Tina Pasandideh request prayer for their sons’ educational situation.

Daniel (17) and Yoel (15) are presently unable to receive high school diplomas as the state refuses to recognise them as Christian, despite their parents being well-known converts, and insists that they complete Islamic education. This is a source of anxiety for their parents, Tina and Yousef, but it is also a common challenge for all convert families in Iran.

In 2009, Yousef protested a change in Iranian educational policy that required all students, including his children, to take a course in Quran study in school. That led to him being charged with apostasy and evangelism and receiving a death sentence. However, in 2012 he was acquitted of apostasy and released after having served three years in prison for conducting evangelism.