PAKISTAN – Pakistani Woman Thrown from Roof for Unwavering Faith

International Christian Concern | Sept. 25, 2018

A Pakistani Christian woman was thrown off a roof last month for refusing to embrace the religion of Islam. Binish Paul, 18, fell victim to the brutal act after refusing to marry her Muslim boyfriend, Taheer Abbas. Abbas was furious that Paul would not convert to Islam, and took out his frustration in one horrific show of violence.

According to her lawyer, Paul suffered “severe fractures to her legs and spine” as a result of the impact.

“For months, Taheer had been putting pressure on Binish to convert to Islam,” said Tabassum Yousaf, Paul’s attorney, as reported by Aid to the Church in Need. “Over and over again, she refused. This culminated in the violent act.”

As is common in these highly volatile Pakistani Muslim communities, the backlash has been against Paul herself, rather than the vicious perpetrator. Her family turned to local police, but were met with contempt.

“They also received serious threats from the family of the perpetrator,” Yousaf noted. “If the case were not closed, then they would all be accused of blasphemy.”


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