SOMALIA – Two Christian Men Executed for Declining to Recite Islamic Creed

International Christian Concern | Oct. 31, 2018

A month ago, the Somalia-based terror group al-Shabaab flagged down a passenger bus traveling from Garissa to Masalani, Kenya, separating Muslims from Christians. Consequently, Fredrick Ngui Ngonde and Joshua Ooko Obila were killed for declining to recite the Islamic creed, the Shahada, one of the five pillars of Islam.

According to a witness, “The armed Somali fighters ordered all of us to [get off of] the bus and produce our identity cards. They singled out three passengers and ordered them to remain down the bus as we boarded. They asked them if they were Muslims and if they knew the Shahada and the seven verses of Suratul Fatiha. One of them recited part of the Shahada and was allowed to [return] to the bus.

The witness added, “The other two kafir men refused to obey the jihad fighters and remained adamant that Christ is their savior and they cannot deny the Christian faith. They were shot dead.”