SYRIA – Volunteer medic killed in Turkey’s Syrian invasion

Jerusalem Post | Seth J. Frantzman | Nov.4, 2019

UN secretary-general was in Turkey over the weekend and appeared to support Turkey’s operation, while NATO has called for restraint

November 4, 2019 21:01

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A volunteer medic from the aid organization Free Burma Rangers was killed on Sunday as Turkey and the extremists it supports in the invasion of Syria attacked a road where the medics were located. It is one of many human rights violations that have taken place since October 6 when the US said it would withdraw from the border in Syria and open the airspace to Turkish airstrikes. It is believed that 300,000 people have fled from the formerly peaceful area. Christian minority towns have recently come under assault and Syrian jihadist groups supported by Turkey have filmed themselves murdering prisoners, looting homes and mutilating dead bodies.

“I miss you and love you very much,” wrote Dave Eubank of the Free Burma Rangers about his colleague Zau Seng who was killed on Sunday. “Thank you for showing me how to live, for putting a light on the world. I will miss you until I see you again in heaven.”