UGANDA – Muslim Mob Incites Police to Arrest Six Pastors in Uganda

Morning Star News | Nov. 30, 2018

Officers arrested six pastors in eastern Uganda on Saturday (Nov. 24) after hundreds of Muslims, furious over a public talk comparing Christianity with Islam, descended on the local police station, sources said.

Following a series of public events earlier this month at which mosque leaders criticized Christianity in Sironko, about 22 kilometers (14 miles) northeast of Mbale, the local Pastors’ Fellowship had invited Pastor Moses Wangaia, a popular Christian apologist based in Mbale, to speak at a series of open-air talks defending the faith.

After a week of peaceful debate, Pastor Wangaia, an ex-Muslim sheikh (teacher) formerly known as Hajji Bidongo Byayesu, arrived for the series of talks designed to refute three weeks of Muslim speakers’ arguments against the designation of Jesus as the Son of God. Tensions began as Pastor Wangaia gave his testimony of how he converted to Christianity and used the Koran, Bible and Hadith (sayings and deeds of Muhammad, the prophet of Islam) to make his case, sources said.