VIETNAM – Construction on Church Property in Hanoi Continues Despite Protests

International Christian Concern | Dec. 4, 2018

In the capital of Vietnam, the district has been planning to build a state-run school on the Hanoi Archdiocese church’s property. Last month, Cardinal Peter Nguyen Van Nhon of Hanoi wrote an urgent petition in disagreement to the construction of the school, yet the district ignored the petition.

Now, priests from Hanoi Archdioceses are stepping up to protest against the construction of the state-fun school. Yesterday, on December 3rd Father Alfonse Pham Hung, head of the archdiocese’s office, and Father Bruno Pham Ba Que, head of Caritas in the archdiocese alongside of 15 other priests visited the headquarters of the People’s Committee of Hoan Kiem district.