US Senate to Turkey: Give Us Pastor Brunson or No Fighter Jets

CBNNews | 062518

The United States Senate recently passed overwhelmingly the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act which bans the Department of Defense from selling F-35 fighter jets to Turkey as long as the NATO ally holds American Pastor Andrew Brunson in prison.

The bill now heads to a conference committee to work out a final draft. The US House of Representatives already approved a similar version, according to the American Center for Law and Justice, which is advocating for the release of Brunson.

Once lawmakers draft a final version, the bill goes to President Donald Trump for his signature.

“But Pastor Andrew cannot afford for us to simply wait around. We are taking action, returning (to) the U.N. on Pastor Andrew’s behalf,” the ACLJ wrote in an article published Monday on its website.

“We told you that we presented a critical written submission to the U.N. detailing the pastor’s plight in Turkey, the infuriating human rights violations he has endured, how the trial has been a sham, and finally demanding intervention,” the non-profit legal organization continued.

“As stated in our submission, Turkey’s treatment of Pastor Andrew is violating its own constitution,” the ACLJ added.