USA / SYRIA – Why Christians in the U.S. should be ‘truly frantic’

Baptist News | Jeff Brumley | Oct. 30, 2019

Headlines about Turkey’s October offensive in northern Syria have all but faded. But the danger is far from over for Christians trapped in the region.

And the agony also remains palpable among refugees and others in North America who know and minister to the besieged faithful.

“Truly, they are frantic and are worried about their relatives living there,” said Habib Raoub, a Lebanese-born elder at Montreal Arabic Evangelical Baptist Church. The congregation is part of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada.

Many of them had previously fled Syria’s civil war, Curry said of the Christians caught in the latest fighting.

“This area along the Syria-Turkey border was one of the safe zones that Christians went to from the central part of the country to escape ISIS,” he told Baptist News Global.

“Those Christians had been protected by the Kurds from ISIS,” he said. “Now, they find themselves in an area that’s in crisis.”