INDIA – Christian Pastor in India Beaten and Kidnapped by Radicals

International Christian Concern | Oct. 22, 2018

On September 4, Pastor Mathai Varghese, the 57-year-old pastor of Ebenezer Indian Pentecostal Church in Suratgarh, was abducted and beaten by a mob of Hindu radicals in India’s Rajasthan state. When police finally intervened, the pastor was arrested along with the assailants and was falsely accused of taking part in a communal clash and attempting to forcefully convert an old woman.

On the day of the attack, Pastor Varghese was invited to attend a house-warming party for Rukma Devi Nayak. While at the party, a mob of 100 radicals attacked the pastor and other Christians that had gathered for the party. After beating the pastor severely, the radicals forced Pastor Varghese into a vehicle and drove away.