IRAQ / SYRIA – Report: Persecution in Iraq Down After Loss of 90% of Nation’s Christians

Breitbart | Frances Martel | Oct. 24, 2019

Christian persecution in Iraq and Syria has decreased dramatically in the aftermath of the fall of the Islamic State, a report published Wednesday revealed, in large part because the affected areas have been almost completely stripped of their Christian populations.

Aid to the Church in Need, a papal charity of the Catholic Church that supports persecuted Christians globally and publishes studies on the state of the global Christian community, revealed that as much as 99 percent of the Christian population of Mosul has disappeared in less than two decades, and Iraq lost over 90 percent of its Christian population nationwide.

Mosul served as the regional “capital” of the Islamic State during its reign of terror in that country and Syria. The capital of the entire “caliphate” was located in Raqqa, Syria, and liberated last year by the largely Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the United States.

In Syria, cites of great biblical importance like Aleppo have lost as much as 80 percent of their Christian population, Aid to the Church in Need revealed.

The group’s findings are documented in Persecuted and Forgotten?, a report covering the years 2017-2019.