PAKISTAN – Pakistani Christian Woman Abducted and Coerced into Conversion

International Christian Concern | March 17, 2019

Earlier this month, Saima Iqbal, a 35-year-old Pakistani Christian mother of three, was abducted by a Muslim man and allegedly forced to convert to Islam.

Naveed Iqbal, Saima’s husband, told local authorities that his wife was abducted from their home outside of Islamabad by a man named Muhammad Khalid Sati. After returning home from a night shift, Mr. Iqbal was shaken by his wife’s disappearance. He soon made a compliant to the local police, reporting the incident.

Mr. Iqbal said, “The police did not take immediate action in respect of my application. They lodged a police First Information Report (FIR) only after I threatened to harm myself.”