WORLDWIDE – Christian Persecution – End the Silence; STPC Hosts a National Prayer Breakfast Panel (video)


“Why is the world silent while Christians are being slaughtered? Good people must join together and stop this…It’s not as if we are powerless. I write this as a citizen of the strongest military power on earth. I write this as a Jewish leader who cares about my Christian brothers and sisters. The Jewish people understand all too well what can happen when the world is silent. This campaign of death must be stopped.”
— Ronald S. Lauder, President, World Jewish Congress

Join Save the Persecuted Christians for a discussion with our special guests: Hon. Tristan Azbej, Hungarian Secretary for Aid to Persecuted Christians and Hungary Helps; Hon. Frank R. Wolf, Member of Congress, 1987-2014 retired, and author of the International Religious Freedom Act; Dr. Oulwasayo Ajiboye, President, Mission Africa International; Faith McDonnell, Director of Religious Liberty Programs and of the Church Alliance for a New Sudan for the Institute on Religion and Democracy; Dr. Bob Fu, President of China Aid; Hon. Kristina Arriarga, USCIRF Commissioner, 2018-2019; with our host and moderator, Frank J. Gaffney, President & CEO, Save the Persecuted Christians, and Founder and Executive Chairman of the Center for Security Policy.

Save the Persecuted Christians Executive Director Dede Laugesen interview on EWTN following the National Prayer Breakfast, Feb. 6, 2020.